Guidelines for Participants

Important advice for walkers participating in the North Leitrim Glens Hillwalking Festival and Charity Walks.

95% of our walks are off track and go over rough mountain terrain consisting of heather and
wet bog so wear strong hillwalking boots. You will struggle in runners! It can be wet in the Leitrim hills so make sure to bring a waterproof jacket and pullups, warm hat, gloves etc. and of course lots of water and a good packed lunch. Lunch on the hills is a very sociable affair!.

Walkers need a certain level of fitness to walk the hills. Please don't overestimate what you can do. The long walk is for experienced walkers only. For safety reasons, as with every hill walking event, the routes and participation in walks is at the discretion of the leaders. Very often the weather determines a lot. Walkers are responsible for their own safety and walk at their own risk. There is a disclaimer clause inherent in the booking form you signed. 

The North Leitrim Glens Hillwalking Festival and Charity Walk operates a 'Leave No Trace Policy' and we will remind walkers of this at the start of each walk. Our mountains are precious resources for us all to enjoy.

We very much look forward to seeing you at our event. Bring good stories, interesting conversation and indeed a song at lunch time is always welcome! 

We hope that you will have an enjoyable walk.

North Leitrim Glens Hillwalking Festival Committee

(We are a small group of volunteers organising the festival and charity walk each year. We do so in order to showcase our beautiful area to people who love the hills as we do)